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Golden Grail Beverages(OTC: GOGY) Launches E-commerce Platform

Golden Grail Beverages (OTC: GOGY) Launches E-commerce Platform, Offering Direct-to-Consumer Purchases for Spider Energy and Sway Energy Beverages.

Fort Lauderdale, FL Oct 31, 2023– Golden Grail Beverages (OTC: GOGY), a leading innovator in energy drinks and environmentally sustainable water products, is proud to announce the launch of its new state-of-the-art e-commerce platform. This strategic move reflects the company's commitment to enhancing consumer purchasing options and keeping up with the growing e-commerce trend in the beverage sector.

The newly launched e-commerce page Golden Grail Beverages Shop provides customers a convenient and seamless shopping experience, enabling them to purchase their favorites, such as Spider Energy, directly from their homes. Golden Grail Beverages aims to cater to its loyal customer base's evolving needs and preferences by offering Golden Grail's diverse portfolio of brands for direct-to-consumer purchases. This strategic e-commerce launch on their website enables the company to reach a broader audience and provide even more convenience to its valued customers.

Although some of Golden Grail Beverages products can be purchased on, the new e-commerce website offers several advantages: you receive dedicated customer support, ensuring Golden Grail Beverages addresses any product queries; access to seasonal and limited release flavors found exclusively on the Golden Grail website, exclusive deals and promotions not available on other platforms; and the opportunity to benefit from loyalty programs or rewards, leading to potential future savings.

With just a few clicks, consumers can now access the Golden Grail Beverages website, which contains a wide range of energy drinks and water, including the popular Spider Energy and Sway Energy drinks. Spider Energy is available in refreshing flavors such as Original Citrus Bite, Spider Zero, Strawberry Lemonade, and WidowMaker Red White and Bite. Sway Energy offers an invigorating taste with flavors like Mango, Cherry, Watermelon, Passion fruit, Orange, and Strawberry.

"At Golden Grail Beverages, we're not just launching an e-commerce site; we're unveiling a new era of customer-centric shopping for Golden Grail's portfolio of brands. Our platform is a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation and our dedication to meeting the evolving needs of our consumers," said Russ Kaffenberger, the Chief Revenue Officer of Golden Grail Beverages. "By bridging the gap between our brand and loyal customers, we're expanding our reach and enhancing the overall purchasing experience."

This exciting development in Golden Grail Beverages' journey marks a significant step forward in its commitment to serving industry professionals, general consumers, and stakeholders. As an innovative and customer-centric company, Golden Grail Beverages remains dedicated to staying ahead of the curve and providing the highest quality energy drinks and water products.

About Golden Grail Beverages:

Golden Grail Beverages (OTC: GOGY) is a fast-growing company with a strategic mission to innovate, build, and streamline the growth of its beverage portfolio through fiscally responsible investing. The company targets brands with a proven sales history, loyal consumer following, retail presence, and strong value proposition who need assistance to get to the next few levels. Golden Grail has been actively acquiring brands within emerging and growing beverage categories. Our robust product offerings include Sway Energy Drink, Spider Energy Drink, Trevi Fruit Essence Water, Tickle Water, Sketch Can for Tweens, Cause Water & KOZ Water helping reduce global plastic pollution, and Scorpion Energy Hemp/CBD.

Contact info:

+1 561-800-3891

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