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Behind the Scenes with Spider Energy at the Phoenix Raceway NASCAR Xfinity Series

On November 4th, the anticipation for the 2023 NASCAR Xfinity championship was insane. The Spider Energy team made our way to the Phoenix Raceway. We were there to support and watch our sponsored Spider Energy NASCAR Xfinity Series driver, Ryan Ellis, compete in a race that evening that promised excitement and thrill.

12:00 PM - Phoenix Raceway Parking Lot:

The day began with our arrival at the Phoenix Raceway at noon. The parking lot was already buzzing with activity. Thousands of RVs and dedicated NASCAR fans had set up their tailgating spots, eagerly counting down the hours to the main event. Even though the race was still hours away, the atmosphere was electric. Due to the massive turnout, we had to park a lot further away and take a tram to the racetrack.

1:11 PM - Approaching the Phoenix Raceway Entrance:

Heavy metal music filled the air as we neared the main entrance, echoing the fans' excitement and anticipation for the race.

1:53 PM - Admiring Ryan Ellis’ Spider Energy Branded Car:

One of the day's highlights was getting an up-close look at Ryan Ellis' car, branded with the iconic Spider Energy WidowMaker logo. The design was impeccable, mirroring the Spider Energy WidowMaker Can: Red, White, and Bite theme.

2:45 PM - Ryan’s Pit Crew in Action:

Ryan's pit crew was a sight to behold. Their precision and attention to detail were evident as they meticulously checked and prepped the car for the race. The roar of Ryan's No. 43 Mustang as it started up was a testament to the power and prowess of the vehicle.

2:53 PM - Meeting the Viking Zero Team:

I met the Viking Zero Reviews teams @vikingzeroreviews. These guys were amazing. They have a kickass YouTube and Instagram page that reviews pre-workout powders and energy drinks. They put out some amazing content, so follow them for great pre-workout and energy drink reviews.

spider energy nascar
@vikingzeroreviews Team in the Pit rooting for Ryan Ellis

3:13 PM - Spider Energy Racecar Takes the Stage:

The moment was electric as the pit crew rolled the Spider Energy Racecar onto the track. Fans gathered around, eager to meet Ryan and his team before the race commenced.

3:15 Meeting the Winners of the Spider Energy Contest Giveaway

Spider Energy had organized a contest giveaway, offering lucky winners VIP tickets and pit crew passes. Meeting these fortunate fans and sharing in their excitement was a joy.

spider energy nascar
Spider Energy Contest Winners who received free Pit Pass and Spider Energy Gear

3:22 PM - On the Track with Ryan:

Ryan Ellis is not just a fantastic racer but also an incredible ambassador for Spider Energy. I watched in admiration as he interacted with fans, taking photos and discussing racing, his journey, and everything in between.

Race Results:

The NASCAR Xfinity Series at Phoenix saw Ryan Ellis giving his best. Here are his stats for the race:

Place: 26th

Start Position: 27th

Laps Completed: 202

Points: 1100

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